Book for eye brow feathering now avaiable at Pure Harmony.


 Eyebrow feathering or hairstroke eyebrow tattooing is natural effect eyebrow tattooing. It looks like real hair and is great for enhancing faded, patchy and thin eyebrows, or creating those designer brows you?ve always wanted. Using a very fine disposable needle customised pigment is etched into the superficial layers of the skin. Individual directional strokes fill in gaps or imperfections to create your desired effect.     


Facts About Natural Effect Eyebrow Feathering

  • It looks like real hair. It is semi-permanent and it will last approximately 12 months.
  • The pigment colours range from dark blonde to dark brown. (Darker colours last longer)
  • After the treatment, your brows will look slightly darker than the make-up you normally use but it is NOT scary dark.
  • The colour fades gradually into a softer shade.
  • The sensation varies from complete numbness to light scratching feeling.
  • There is very slight redness for around 24 hours
  • Aftercare is very simple and provided. Makeup wipes are great to use instead of cleansers during the healing period
  • There is no scabbing.
  • It is suitable for most skins.
  • It doesn?t affect your natural hair growth.
  • The brows are not shaved off before the treatment.





Pure Harmony welcomes



We welcome Georga Crawford to Pure Harmony on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 26th October this week . Georga is  a qualified lash, brow & nail technician. Specialising in brows, lash lifts and biosculpture manicure/pedicures (a healthier alternative to shellac which has harsh chemicals that damages the natural nail)

Georga has  worked at one of Sydney's leading brow salons for a year learning the tips & tricks to getting a fuller, more defined brow. Georga knows  brows are big right now and they're so important in framing your face so finding a great brow artist is a must!

Georga is so excited to open in the shire at Pure Harmony. Our reception of the salon has been transformed with mirrors and  a  stylish makeup chair for that luxe look.  The 3 and 4D lash extensions are to be introduced in the coming months. Biosculpture for the nails are a service not offered in all salons. We are thrilled to have Georga in salon and know you can indulge in all the  glamour of beauty  to walk away loving your new look with our other services including tanning and dermabrasion at the lowest prices in town.

Pure Harmony along with Georga

are welcoming all Clients to come in and meet Georga this week for a complimentary consultation.